Friday, November 19, 2010

Malam Berinai Besar 071010

This was held on 071010. We decided to have a malam berinai to my wedding because dad wanted to thank everybody who helped in organizing by treating everyone dinner. And also, dad wanted to revive a small part of the malay tradition of henna-ing the hand of the bride. (minus the cooking by kenduri part that is). In the olden days, usually the bride on her last day of being single, will be surrounded with close family and friends. Anyway, I'll let the pictures to do the talking, alrighty?

This is Mr Raof, one of my dad's pr officer. As usual, being the semangat-ed person he is, he'll go all out in ensuring everything goes smoothly. Here he's giving everyone final instructions for my nikah and reception, using power point nonetheless. So much for a relaxing thank you dinner huh? :p

Part of those who helped. Di pantau baik oleh Alwi hehe.

Me in a traditional pink songket kebaya. Henna 101, if you're not using the arabic type of henna, please please don't wear this type of clothing. Otherwise, you'll stain the dress. Actually, I was facepalm-ing myself for being an idiot for tailoring this kebaya earlier that day because right before the whole process start, I just realized that, I had to sleep with this henna-intact! How the heck am I suppose to sleep in a songket kebaya for the whole night? 

Thank god, the henna artist  used a special kind of henna. :)

Henna by Dayu Designs. Its a team of girls specialised in drawing henna. They used the arabian type of henna, which when its dried, i can actually touch anything without staining anything. Best result when everything dropped off. But being the usual clutsy me, i woke up the next morning and washed off w/o applying baby oil or waiting for it to fall off. Which resulted having melted inai for the entire ceremony, quite scary considering i was wearing white.

The girls who came. While I was being henna-ed, they were playing Cranium! the board game. They were so absorbed with it till I think some actually forgot why in the world they cameover in the first place haha! But I feel that night was simply quaint. Being surrounded by your loved ones definitely takes of the huge stress out of the mind. And the best was, an old old old friend of mine who I haven't met her for such a long long time came all the way from Malacca to witness all 3 events. For which I am touched with her. And soon, she's next to be married. After Dai, of course :)

Thank you Mar :)

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